Program Philosophy and Goals


The Salto Gymnastics Preschool program is focused on the total well being of each child. We believe that an active mind grows from a strong, healthy body. Gymnastics skills and life skills are developed in an atmosphere of Movement, FUN and Play!


…to provide children with a multi-movement centered preschool education program.
…to teach the children Fun, Fitness and Fundamentals as outlined through the Canadian gymnastics program.
…to provide a quality program of activities that will enable the development of the whole child.


Movement education and exploration thus enhancing balance, coordination, vestibular development, physical development, large and small motor skill development and athletic skills. Balancing health and learning. (Body and mind). Develop and improve image, confidence and esteem of self. Cultivate socialization skills (sharing, caring and helping). Introduction to music, creative dance and dramatic play.

Download The Preschool Handbook

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Preschool Team

Preschool Program Director: Christina Denis

Christina grew up in the small town of Shoal Lake, Manitoba.  Her teaching journey began when she moved to Sherwood Park in 2009.  With her Education Degree from the University of Alberta, along with an extensive background in gymnastics, Christina has a passion to help children develop and flourish with a twist of fun.  She truly believes that every child is unique and special, that learning can and should be fund and fascinating, and that physical activity is essential for development and Happiness!  Christina's Certification includes:  Bachelor of Education (Elementary - U of A), Level 2 Trained Gymnastics, Level  1 trained Trampoline, Active start trained, Respect in Sport Certificate, Ethical Decision Making Course, first aid & CPR certification, Child Development Supervisor Certificate, Interim Professional Teaching Certificate.

Preschool Program Assistant: Brittany Mulligan

Brittany discovered her passion for working with young children through her experiences as a recreational coach at Salto over the past 7 years. Brittany graduated from the University of Alberta with a degree in Secondary Education; majoring in Spanish and minoring in French. She treasures her time spent in the preschool room getting to know the students and encouraging each child to achieve their personal best. Brittany believes that growth and development through discovery and movement is an integral part of early childhood education. Brittany’s Certifications include:
Bachelor of Education (Secondary) – University of Alberta, Level 2 Certified in Gymnastics, Level 1 Certified in Trampoline, Active Start Trained, Rhythmic Gymnastics Training, Respect in Sport Certificate, Ethical Decision Making Course, First Aid + CPR Certification, Child Development Supervisor Certificate, Interim Professional Teaching Certificate.

Preschool Program Assistant: Lori Hudson

Our Preschool Program Assistant Lori has over 13 years of experience working with preschoolers. Lori is a mother of three girls, and before coming to Salto, she ran a day home for 8 years. Lori has a nurturing and fun-loving character with children. She wishes that all children have the chance to giggle. Lori’s Certifications include: Child Development Assistant Certificate, Level 1 Coaching Certificate, Active Start Trained, Respect in Sport Certificate, Ethical Decision Making Course, First Aid + CPR Certification.

Register for Preschool

To register for preschool classes please call us at 780-449-1518 or stop by the office Monday to Fridays from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm.

Please e-mail us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 780-449-1518 if you'd like to be added to our waiting list (include your name, child's name, phone number, class preference).

Note: There is a non-refundable registration fee of $50 per year

About Our Preschool

Download the 2014-2015 Salto Preschool Program Plan

icon Salto Gymnastics Preschool Program Plan (224.59 kB)

Daily Classroom Schedule

Class Entrance & Hello!5/10 minutes
Centre Time15/20 minutes
Gymnastics45 minutes
Snack Time15 minutes
Curriculum & Enrichment35/50 minutes (Tots/Tykes)
Cool Down & Good-bye5/10 minutes


The circle times, activity centres and gymnastics curriculum are planned to include the following subjects during the preschool year:

Gymnastics Movement

We will enhance your child’s health and well-being using a fun, active, safe, multi-movement gymnastics preschool program. Each class focuses on building skills (e.g. tumbling, apparatus skills, obstacle courses & games, etc.) in a fun, positive environment.

Each day includes a warm-up (i.e. a game, stretch and group activity) before moving on to the apparatus circuits. Salto’s program helps children develop vital motor skills; improve coordination, flexibility and strength.

ABC's Prewriting

Your child will learn to recognize letters and sounds using the Ichy's Alphabet. Introductory pre-printing activities will be offered on a regular basis to three and four year olds and skills will be refined in the four and five year old classes. They will work on tracing, recognizing and printing their names.


We will use little activities to create awareness of big ideas like communication skills, financial responsibility and global consciousness.

Language Art

Finger plays, nursery rhymes, poetry, stories and more are utilized to enhance your child’s vocabulary and encourage a love for books.


Hands-on activities encourage exploration of bugs, animals and rocks. Concepts such as weights and measures are discovered through play and at the sensory table.

Nutrition Food

Snack time encourages good eating habits, learning and use of table manners. Every attempt is made to ensure that the preschool environment is safe for children with food allergies. Please feel free to make an appointment with our preschool director to discuss the specifics of our food allergies policies and procedures.

Dramatic Play

Salto’s “tickle trunk” is filled with costumes that ignite your child’s imagination! As super heroes, grown-ups and other community workers, and by playing at the Little Tykes kitchen and tool areas, your child experiences role playing, creativity and learns socialization skills.

Social Studies

Activities focus on learning about self, home, family, transportation and the community.


Our art projects correspond with each week's theme. The projects encourage creativity as well as develop fine motor skills.