Meet Salto's Board of Directors

Salto Gymnastics is operated by an elected board of directors who meet monthly to discuss and vote on policies and organizational initiatives. Board members are authorized to manage the affairs of Salto Gymnastics and may exercise such powers within the limitations of Salto's bylaws and the Alberta Not-For-Profit Act. 

Dawn Ramsay - President

Marco Ippolito - Vice President, Communications & Marketing

Kitreena Cooper - Treasurer

Melissa Richards - Secretary, Facilities & Risk Management

Position open - Director Fund Development

Position open - Director Events & Strategic Partnerships

Trish Ippolito - Director Policies & Procedures

Jocelyn Bird - Director at Large

Laura Hender - Director at Large

Please join us for Salto Gymnastics Annual General Meeting on Sunday, October 20th, 2019 at 6:00pm in Salto.

Important Documents:

2018-2019 Strategic Plan (as prepared in June of 2018 to understand the direction in which Salto is going and to make changes to improve and grow.) 

2018 Official Bylaws (as approved by special resolution at Salto Gymnastics Annual General Meeting October 22nd, 2017)

2016 Annual General Meeting Minutes