Chelsea Fenn

Acrobatics Director & Head Coach

I started gymnastics when I was about 4/5, a friend of mine brought me to a “bring a friend day” at Salto and the rest was history! I instantly fell in love with the sport, the coaches, the environment, and the friendships I was building. I started competing around age 7/8 and finished my last year of artistic when I was 16. I enrolled in the CIT program as soon as I turned 13, and perused every coaching course/training opportunity that was available. I joined an Acrobatic Gymnastics class that was new in our gym when I was around 18/19, at that point I had no idea what it was, I have been involved in circus classes since I was 14, and had played around with acroyoga and some basic acro skills, but I had never heard of acrobatic gymnastics before that. At that time I had the idea in my head that this class would be adults playing around with partner poses for fun, and boy was I wrong. I was quickly paired up with an amazing little athlete, and before I knew it I was being asked to compete. After doing some research about acrobatic gymnastics and spending hours and hours watching videos of routines and skills, I was amazed with the strength and control these athletes have, and I was hooked.