Salto Documents

Daily Screening Checklist for children - As required by Government of Alberta, Alberta Health Services and Alberta Gymnastics Federation.

Daily Screening Checklist for adults - As required by Government of Alberta, Alberta Health Services and Alberta Gymnastics Federation.

Release of Liability - Adult - As required for every adult participant in gymnastics.

Release of Liability - Minor - As required for every minor participant in gymnastics.

Alberta Gymnastics Federation's Coach & Athlete Registration Fees - Every club must submit to AGF.

COVID-19 Information Guidance for Cohorts - Guidance from the Government of Alberta on what defines a cohort.

Salto Gymnastics update July 13th, 2020

AGF's Return to Play - COVID-19 Return to Play Guidelines and supporting documents for Alberta Gymnastics Federation (AGF) member clubs.

Personal Information Protection Act form  - All participants must sign AGF's Notification of Risk and Personal Information Protection Act form in order to participate in any Gymnastics activities.

Parent's Night Out Registration form - All participants must hand in form to register for Parent's Night Out.

Parent's Night Out Rules & Procedures  - For your review.

Alberta Gymnastics Federation Annual Review 2018-2019 - For your review.

Long-term Athlete Development Information for ParentsGymnastics Canada document for your review.

NCCP Artistic Gymnastics Coaching Summary - Become a coach.  Coaches are highly regarded and their time is always in demand. At the same time, they enjoy flexible schedules. Coaches may spend just a few hours a week working with gymnasts to build their skills, or have a full schedule training athletes for competitive events both locally and nationally.

NCCP Code of Ethics - The NCCP Code of Ethics defines the ethical principles and the standards of behavior expected of coaches.

Alberta Gymnastics Federation (AGF) Safe Sport Guidelines * (Living Document of Best Practices) - Best Practices guidelines for gymnastics clubs and participants.

Link to Gymnastics Canada's Safe Sport Resources 

The True Sport Report - What Sport Can Do - provides conclusive proof of how good sport can be used intentionally to positively influence a wide range of societal goals, including child and youth development, crime prevention, education, social inclusion and economic and environmental sustainability. 

Strength Training Fundamentals in Gymnastics Conditioning