Recreational Gymnastics Classes

Salto Gymnastics is proud to offer top-quality recreational gymnastics programming to families in a non-competitive environment. The Active Start and CanGym programs exist to help young aspiring athletes learn the fundamental movements of sport while building a love for physical activity in a fun and safe setting.

Active Start Classes - Ages One to Six

Active Start classes are designed for children ages one to six. The program includes parented and unaccompanied classes which focus on the development of gross motor functions. Registration for Active Start classes is based on age rather than ability.

MAT MICE | AGE 1-2 - Not operating at this time due to COVID-19 limitations.  A forty-five minute parented program where children learn through play and discovery. Very basic gymnastics and gross motor skills are developed while establishing group-work and sharing concepts.

GYMINY CRICKETS | AGE 2-3.5 - An hour long parented program that expands on basic gymnastics skills including hangs, rolls and jumping. With the help of parents, this class includes more structure and starts building independence in a fun and themed environment.

KINDERGYM | AGE 3.5-5 - In small classes,  coaches lead groups through activity circuits that will develop dominant movement patterns. Coaches encourage continuous activity and movement challenges so children experience success. Children will develop a strong foundation of movement skills which easily transfer to more advanced gymnastics as well as other activities and sports. Kindergym classes include a fifteen minute warm-up and fifteen minute rotations on three gymnastic events each week.

JUNIOR GYM AND ADVANCED JUNIOR GYM | AGE 4.5-6 - Developed for a wide range of gymnastics ability, Junior Gym has four levels from beginner to advanced preschool gymnastics. The hour-long class is structured to keep young bodies busy while teaching safety, structure and team work.  Advanced Junior Gym 3+ (levels 3 and 4) is an hour and a half long class.

MINI STARS | AGE 5-7 - This is a preschool aged developmental program designed for those talented little girls with possible goals of competitive training later. The kids in this program must have passed Junior Gym 3 or Stride, be recommended by a coach, or assessed into the class.

MINI AND MIGHTY MITES (FOR BOYS ONLY) | AGE 4-6 AND AGES 6+ - This is a preschool aged program for those boys looking for more of a challenge and the beginning of some of the skills and training related to boys apparatus progression. This class is open to any boys aged 4-6yrs old with possible goals of competitive training later. Mini Mites is an hour long class and Mighty Mites is an hour and a half long class.  

PARKOUR | AGES 6-8 AND AGES 9+- Parkour involves seeing one's environment in a new way, and imagining the potential for navigating it by movement around, across, through, over and under its features.  This class includes running, climbing, swinging, vaulting, jumping, plyometrics, rolling, quadrupedal movement (crawling) and other movements in a fun and safe atmosphere.

CanGym Classes - Ages 6 and Up

The CanGym Program exists to develop a love for gymnastics in young, aspiring athletes. CanGym classes focus on fun, fitness and fundamental skill development. Registration for the CanGym program is based on skill-level. New registrants are encouraged to register for Burgundy/Red classes unless they have been assessed by a Salto instructor and approved for a higher level.

CanGym Badge Levels

Badge 1 - Burgundy (1 hour long class)

Badge 2 - Red (1 hour long class)

Badge 3 - Tan (1.5 hour long class)

Badge 4 - Bronze (1.5 hour long class)

Badge 5 - Purple (2 hour long class)

Badge 6 - Blue (2 hour long class)

Badge 7 - Turquoise (2 hour long class)

Badge 8 - Silver (2 hour long class)