Welcome to Online Registration

Thank you for choosing to register at Salto Gymnastics.

**All participants must sign AGF's Notification of Risk

and Personal Information Protection Act form.**


Children under six years old are encouraged to attend any

age-appropriate Active Start class. Children six years old and

over with no gymnastics experience may register for any

Burgundy/Red class. Children with previous gymnastics experience

are encouraged to attend the same color/badge level they attended previously.

Please contact us if you are unsure of which class is best for you.


Students must become age eligible for their chosen class within two weeks of the class start date. Students who do not meet the age requirement of a given class will automatically be prevented from registering online. Please select a class which is age appropriate for your child. Please note, all Active Start classes are categorized by age and developmental stage. Students will only advance having reached the appropriate age and will not advance based on ability or previous experience.

- Notice of Alberta Gymnastics Federation Fees -

As per Salto's registration policies and organizational bylaws, all members are required to purchase an Alberta Gymnastics Federation membership for the current fiscal year (July 1 to June 30) in accordance with the type of program they attend at Salto Gymnastics. These fees are not included in the tuition prices listed below and will be posted to participant accounts after registration. Fees are payable on an annual basis. Competitive memberships are included in competitive program costs. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

- Notice of Salto Gymnastics Refund Policy -

Families attending sessional classes my withdraw from the program prior to start date with no penalty.  After the class has begun, families may withdraw within two weeks of the start date and will receive a refund less 25% (approximate cost of two weeks).  Any withdrawals without a doctor's note after two weeks of the start date will not receive a refund. After two classes, withdrawal will be processed without refund.

Spring Classes

Spring Session Gym Closure Date

Victoria Day - May 21st, 2018