The Salto Gymnastics Return to Play Strategy has been developed based on the guidelines and recommendations provided by the Alberta Government, Alberta Health Service, Alberta Gymnastics Federation and Strathcona County.

We are unconditionally dedicated to the successful reopening of our facility to ensure our athletes, families, staff, volunteers, and guests can feel safe, comfortable, and confident in their return. Salto’s Return to Play strategy will meet or exceed all expectations outlined in the guidelines provided by the Government of Alberta, Alberta Health Services, Alberta Gymnastics Federation and Strathcona County. We will fully utilize our unique skillset and provide the best possible service in our safe, positive, and nurturing environment.

We ask that you continue to refer to, fully read, and understand all updated copies of this document. All athletes, staff, families, volunteers, and guests of our facility will be responsible for adhering to the outlined policies and procedures to mitigate the risks to all of our Salto Gymnastics athletes, children, families, and staff.