DATE: March 10 - 12, 2017

LOCATION: Northlands Convention Centre, Edmonton


ACROBATICS: Junior Olympic

Registration Opens December 15, 2016

Early Registration Closes February 3, 2017

Late Registration Closes February 17, 2017

Strathcona Gym Challenge is pleased to partner with the Alberta Gymnastics Federation to host the 2017 Northern Zones in conjunction with SGC.


We thank you for your interest in attending Strathcona Gym Challenge. We encourage clubs to review this page frequently for updates and information regarding event registration. Early submissions are encouraged to secure athletes' registrations. Thank you!

By registering for, attending, and competing Strathcona Gym Challenge, all participants including but not limited to all parents, coaches, athletes, and families families consent to the following terms and conditions:  In consideration of Salto Gymnastics providing service, supplies, and facilities for the above-mentioned event, I do hereby, for my child or ward, our heirs, executors and administrators, release and forever discharge Salto Gymnastics and all of its servants, agents, officers, employees and all persons assisting it and/or them for any or all liability for injury, loss, sickness, death or any other damage resulting from the negligence of the above mentioned-persons or in any cause whatsoever attribute in any way to the conduct of said persons or in any arising out of my participation in such event or which may arise out of my traveling to, and attend, or returning from such an event. I hereby covenant and agree to save harmless Salto Gymnastics and its servants, agents, officers, employees and persons assisting them from all claims and demands whatsoever which may be made in respect of such injury, loss, sickness or any other damage which may happen to me, my child or my ward.

Salto Gymnastics may be contacted by the media for participant quotes, interviews or pictures. These sounds and images (video and still) are the sole property of Salto Gymnastics and may be published or aired in a variety of locations, including audio tapings on television, radio and newspaper, as well as Salto Gymnastics' website, social media platforms and digital and/or print publications.